The Quest For Skinny Pants Begins


I’ll turn 40 this year. For two decades, I’ve been overweight. 

You have NO idea how much I hate typing that.

But it is what it is and frankly, with the big 4-o looming, it feels like time to shed the weight and perhaps the baggage that accompanies it.

Easier said than done, I’m afraid. This isn’t my first go ’round. It isn’t even my first weight loss blog. Oh, the shame.  But I’m back on the horse. And the scale.

May I just say, DAMN!

120 extra pounds, three kids, two marriages, some crippling student loan debt and a stalled career are what the past two decades have yielded. Let’s see if we can change that, hmm?

After a chat with my doctor to discuss my plantar fascitis (from being fat, naturally), she asked me to try eliminating dairy and red meat from my diet. I’m also meant to email her my weight once a week. Doesn’t that sound like a party?

No, it doesn’t to me either.

But here we go.


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