More About Coffee and Cream


244.3, after breakfast and coffee

At some point, I promise, I will stop whining about the lack of half & half in my life. This is not that point. Try back later.

I had to run to the store yesterday, having none of a key dinner ingredient. While there, I noticed that Silk makes coffee creamer. Score! I picked some up. Today my coffee had liquid creamer! YAY!

Or not. There is a strange after taste to this coffee that I either love or hate. I haven’t quite decided. The marriage of coffee and creamer is a strange one. I have a several types of coffee in my rotation and half & half is the only additive that suits them all. Some like a Sweet Italian Cream Coffeemate, and some prefer the Chocolate Mint International Delight. The Revv K-cups like a heavy hit of milk, followed by a topper of Cinnamon Cream Coffeemate.

It’s possible I have put too much thought into this. I love my coffee and cream combos.

No kidding, Captain Obvious.

Food is fuel, but doggoneit, I put good fuel in my car. Why wouldn’t I do so for my body? I want to enjoy what I eat. There’s not a damn thing wrong with that. Moderation, not deprivation, right?

But no half & half.

This is my sad puppy-dog face.

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