I’ll be honest, I’ve tried most everything.

Weigh myself every day to keep your weight on your mind? Yep.

Weigh only once a week to avoid disappointment? Yep

Pin up pictures of fat me? Done it.

Pin up pictures of a great skinny outfit? Uh-huh. I’ve even bought skinny outfits. Some size 8 lucked the fuck out at Goodwill.

Set up a reward schedule. Oh so many times. I generally say “screw it,” and get the pedicure no matter what I weigh.

I’m trying something I found on Pinterest and to be honest, I’ve done this in a lot of variations over the years. It’s the reward fund. You put aside a set amount for every goal you meet: a quarter a pound, a dollar for every time you exercise, a five dollar bill when you meet a major goal. Basically, you save up for that big-ass reward. (Or little-ass reward, as the case might be.)

I’m putting in a dollar for every workout, $10 for every 10 pounds lost. We’ll see how I do and how quickly I accumulate or deplete the cash. I’d love to have that pickle jar stuffed so full of cash I can’t even tell how much is in there. Better yet, I’d love to post a picture of that crammed jar, saying “LOOK AT WHAT I DID. I FUCKING ROCK!”

And if you were wondering how I did yesterday at Food-a-palooza? Wonder no more.

I. Fucking. Rocked. It.

I was under my daily values at the end of the day. No lie. Now, I didn’t have a margarita like I thought I would, because what with the brownies, cupcakes, guacamole, cheeseburgers, hotdogs and chips everywhere, I was afraid of my inhibitions taking a vacation. Let’s face it, tequila is the great persuader. So I skipped the wine, the beer, the margaritas and I spent an hour and a half in the pool, playing with my kids. It is AMAZING how much that helped. Taking yourself out of the path of temptation is the single best move you can make, my friends. That isn’t always possible. But yesterday, I made it happen. And when I felt my willpower slipping and the caramel corn was calling my name? We went home.

I was a half pound lighter today. Yesssssss.

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