When you are fighting the good fight, a blog that details someone else’s battle is a tremendous help. I stumbled across a wonderful blog called Can You Stay For Dinner? I found the blog via Pinterest, while checking out a recipe link. Funny and warm, the site feels like coffee with a girlfriend. What really captured me was her story, the weight she lost and how she’s maintaining it. I read through her bio and a really amazing post called, “What I Miss From 135 Pounds Ago” that resonated, even though I have yet to lose (ok, keep off) even 5 pounds. Her struggles spoke to me. Her victories informed me. It’s been a while since a blog helped me do anything but laugh. I found myself reading through her archives, motivation burning in my veins. Too bad it was midnight.

My second great find has been Runs For Cookies. I found this blog through a SparkPeople profile and what a gift! Katie’s journey has been just as compelling as Andi’s, but she’s also had a lower body lift. She is brutally honest about the procedure and recovery, documenting her ups and downs faithfully. She bares herself, both physically and emotionally even though it’s uncomfortable, and it was fascinating for me to get into a glimpse of what I hope will be my future.

Let’s face it. I’ve had 3 kids and two decades of being  overweight. I’m not expecting my skin to snap back. I’m expecting it to shrug and say, “eh.”

There’s more to Cookies than surgery. Katie shares her journey to lose the weight, her exercise regimens (she’s one of those crazy runner chicks) and recipes. Though I’ve not made any yet, they looks great. She’s very real, no pretension, posturing or preaching, which I find very refreshing. I hate those blogs that have a false sense of bonhomie, while all the time assuring you that someday, if you work hard and are very, very lucky, you too can be just like the author. Blurgh.

Anyway. There’s my current inspirations. I’m still using SparkPeople and still love it, I just need to keep with it. Tracking your food gets old. I start to feel tethered to the computer and I hate that feeling. I have my brother’s upcoming wedding to motivate me and a trip to the Big City for our anniversary, but I’m not going to lose enough before either of those events so that other people will notice. It’s discouraging. I should be doing this for myself, not for other people, so why is it such a spirit sucker?

I wish I knew.

Wow. Took a dark turn there, Jen. Navel gazing doesn’t really burn any calories, so let me ask you: Where are you finding motivation these days?

Finding Inspiration


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