It’s The Little Things


I have sort of a “thing” against artificial sweeteners. I also have a sweet tooth. Can you see how this is a bit of a conundrum?

I’m not a stickler about it. I DID drink Diet Pepsi and Diet Dr. Pepper for three decades. But as I gave up soda (for the last time), I started paying attention to the research on artificial sweeteners and how their attempts to trick the body actually backfire. It makes me a little nervous. I mean, the goal is getting healthier, isn’t it?

As a result, I’m trying to keep things as natural as possible. I try to stay away from overly processed food, I try to cook and not rely on packaged meals and I try very hard to squeeze in 7-9 servings of fruit and veggies every day. I’m still eating towards the high end of my range and that is hindering me. I’m examining my past trackers and pinpointing things I can cut or substitute. Boy, is my morning coffee due for an overhaul!

I like my coffee strong, light and sweet. I have an unfortunate weakness for flavored non-dairy creamers, but my preference is half & half with sugar. You can see how the am java is an issue. I made a fortunate find during a trip to Trader Joe’s, fat-free half & half. Is it natural? No. It’s close though and doesn’t have nearly as many additives as some other brands. I’m comfortable with it for now.

The creamer brought my calorie and fat count down, but not enough, so sugar has gone bye-bye and stevia has taken its place. I’m opting for actual stevia extract from my buddy, Trader Joe. I wept at the price, but once I saw how tiny the actual serving size was, I made peace with my inner accountant. And once I saw the results? Well, let’s just say it’s worth the money.

Those two substitutions save me 144 calories and 7 grams of fat, every day!

Lessons of the day: Little things matter. A lot. *and* A food journal can be a massive pain in the patoot, but it is an invaluable tool.

What little things have you changed?

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