Deception (and many asides)


I’ll open with a confession: I, like many of my middle-aged mother brethren, am a Pinterest junkie. I love it. I find lovely things to covet, funny things to laugh at and recipes to drool over (and occasionally prepare).

Right now, individual serving desert recipes are very pinnable. “Cup”cakes, brownies in a mug, and individual deep dish cookies are all proliferating on the site. They look delicious. And you’re only making one. So it’s okay, right? Right?

Wrong. So, so, so, so wrong.

I was surfing The. Best. Website. In. The. World. (besides Sparkpeople) and came across the aforementioned cookie recipe.

Fat me: YUM! YES! NOW!

Smart me: YES! YUM! AFTER we check the recipe!

And for once, Smart me won. Both cried when the recipe had 500 calories. But we weren’t even a little surprised. Because a very similar scenario played itself out the week before.

I am a huge fan of Want What You Have, a frugality and lifestyle blog. Heather has some great recipes on her site and most of them are healthy, if not necessarily “diet” food. One my favorite recipes is her chocolate cake in a mug. It’s delicious. She recently posted some revisions to the recipe on Facebook and as I was feeling like a treat (and actually had room for one!), I entered the recipe into my trusty Sparkpeople recipe calculator. It was almost 600 calories!!!! I almost fainted.  I wanted to cry. Because for the foreseeable future, that particular treat is off my menu.

It’s okay. I’ll survive. But tonight, I really want some baked chocolatey goodness. So after reading about “no pudge brownies” on Runs For Cookies, I decided to find a recipe.

Success. It smells like chocolate. And only has 166 calories. Sweet, indeed.

I suppose the moral here is individual deserts are liars. If you’re counting calories, never assume. Do the homework. It pays off in the (and on your) end.

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