A Bizarre Compliment


Today, I worked out.


Sorry. I had to.

Anyway, I worked out. Usually, I do it in the morning, when the house is empty. Due to the holiday, my husband was home. He is a weirdo and likes to watch me workout. So he did. Because we’ve been married for 10 years, there are few boundaries in our relationship. So of course, OF COURSE, he continued our conversation as I stripped down and waited for my shower to warm up. Standing next to the laundry hamper, he got a strange look on his face and paid me an odd, but thoroughly awesome, compliment.

“You know, honey, for the first time in ten years I can say this. You stink. I’m so proud of you!”

I did stink. It was the stink of fit. The aroma of a smaller dress size. The odor of righteous sweat. It is a perfume I am happy to wear.

For a few minutes. Until the water heats.

I’d like to note, I no longer stink. Just for the record.

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