244.7. Edging ever closer to that 10 lb mark. And then, we say adios to the 240s. For-evah! I spent an agonizing three days at 245, eating right and working out, having faith that I would start dropping again. And I did.

But I’m still sad.


That lovely dress I spoke of in this post? Probably not going to happen before the wedding. Because I waited too long to get started. How incredibly aggravating. I want to beat myself. So I went out and found a Plan B, that cost twice as much as the dress I want to wear. I missed my first goal. I feel a little demoralized.

BUT. It’s one goal. I’m still 8 pounds lighter and nearly to my 10 pound mark. Which is awesome. I can do 30 minutes on the elliptical. I’ve been at this for almost 2 whole weeks and I’m still motivated! Yay, me!

Still, it was a very pretty little dress.


It occurs to me that there is an important occasion looming, with the eldest getting ready to graduate from high school next summer. You know what that means? I might have to see my ex-husband.

*cue ominous music*

He’ll probably be there with his dotty wife, who thinks she’s prettier than I am. Mostly because every time I’ve ever seen her, it’s been a “drop in” sort of thing and I haven’t been expecting them. Lovely habit of theirs, that one.

But in May, when I’ve lost quite a bit of weight? When I’m looking my current best? She’ll know. I’m the best that sorry man could have ever hoped to get. She can be better than the second wife, the one that came after me. But I’m aiming to take back my crown, chickens.

Sure it’s petty. But I have to find my inspiration where I can. And watching him choke out a polite compliment, or better yet, say nothing at all, will be sweet.

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