Good Times


Victory alert: I’ve dropped a pant size! YAY! I needed the boost because I’ve been stalled here at 244 for a while. It’s nice to know the work is paying off.

We spent the weekend in San Francisco, which is not a great city for the dieting foodie. There is phenomenal food, everywhere. I made an effort to plan non-food activities, but when your hotel greets you with a glass of champagne, you can tell the weekend might be hard on the willpower.

*Of course I drank the champagne. And a glass of red wine at dinner. And two glasses of the champagne we brought to toast our anniversary. I’m back to living dry now, but it was a hell of a weekend!*

We hit the farmer’s market at the Ferry Building and although I wasn’t tracking, I was really encouraged to discover how easy it was to make smart choices. Empanadas for breakfast? No thanks. I’ll have a bite of my husband’s and enjoy some steel-cut oatmeal and peach conserves for breakfast. Lunch was bread and cheese and salami, but I stopped when I was full. We walked a BUNCH, and I made it the cell house at Alcatraz, which is a 13 story climb, thank-you-very-much. And dinner was a  couple of slices of pizza, walked off when we left to enjoy the sunset at Ghiradelli Square.

All of this to say: I didn’t gain anything. I ate what  wanted, didn’t deprive myself, but practiced (say it with me) moderation. I might succeed at this yet, chickens.

Another Victory alert: As of this morning, I’ve officially lost 10 pounds.

How did I break through?

I cheated.

Baffling isn’t it? But after trying to eat near the bottom of my calorie range (1250-1300 was my target) and exercising hard three times a week, I wasn’t seeing progress. Yes, I definitely lost an inch or two and that’s a great thing, but I want to see that scale number drop, dang it! I started researching possible solutions on SparkPeople (seriously, the best weight loss site ever) and it was suggested I loosen up a bit. I might be in “starvation” mode.

The idea that I might not be eating enough and working out too much blew my mind. Blew it like a $600 hooker. Wow. So I let go a little, eating more towards the top of my range. I even splurged and ate some really delicious sushi for lunch yesterday. (It actually put me a little above my allotment for the day.)  And this morning? Sure enough, 243. Finally.

I’m back to stricter eating now, but I’m incorporating a sensible daily desert. I can’t bear to not work out. It makes me feel so amazing! (Don’t worry. I slapped myself for saying that. Just for you.) We’ll see how I do. Honestly, I suspect part of the problem might be that I’ve reached the dreaded 40 zone. Everyone says the weight comes off slower now, but I’m keeping at it, because really, what’s the alternative?

I should have gotten this under control 10 years ago.

I’m so pissed at myself right now.

But not so pissed I didn’t buy myself flowers to celebrate 10 pounds gone for good!

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