A Month


I looked over my Sparkpeople page today, let it run a couple of reports, reflected over the past month.

Because it’s only been a month, chickens. One month.

One month of 3x/week workouts, tracking what I’m eating, making good choices (for the most part). It feels like it’s been forever, so little wonder that I’m discouraged by my progress.

But Holy Jenny Craig, I’ve lost eleven pounds in one month. That’s phenomenal. I’ve been feeling all lame and worried because the scale doesn’t move every single day. When in reality, I’m the opposite of lame. I’m a fuckin’ rock star y’all. Granted, I’m more mid-80’s Meatloaf than early 80’s Joan Jett, but still.

One month. It gets easier every single day. I look forward to my workouts. I still have “the hongries” but for the most part, I’m doing this.



Yay me!



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