Worth It?


It was WEDDING WEEKEND in my neck of the woods, which meant mountains of tri-tip, potato salad, mini cheesecakes and cupcakes. I was smart. I measured each indulgence and made each one count. Because you have to occasionally let loose. The key is to make it worth it. Was the cupcake worth it? Not really. I stopped after a bite or two. Was the tri-tip worth it? Sort of. I had more than a couple bites. Was the cheesecake worth it? Oh hell yes. I had two.

Yes, I gained a pound (or two). But not during the weekend. No, I gained the weight from Monday, when stressed, exhausted and feeling like ass, I took a cupcake stand back to Roseville and stopped for lunch at Sonic, home of the weight you lost. My theory is that Sonic is actually a hub for the redistribution of all the weight lost by the millions of Americans who are dieting successfully. All that discarded mass goes to Sonic, to find a home on the asses and hips of the tens of millions of Americans who are not dieting. I was there. I wanted a bacon cheeseburger. And onion rings. And a cherry lime-ade. So I got it.

Newsflash!  It wasn’t even worth it! I didn’t finish the meal. I felt gross for the rest of the day. Ugh.

In mulling over my choices, I did find a small nugget of good news. I stopped when I was full. Let me repeat that:  I stopped when I was full. In a day of surrender, that is a victory. I did not eat to the point of discomfort. It’s a major benchmark for a binge eater. I indulged in something I really, really wanted and stopped when I’d had enough. And now, I’m reclaiming my tummy.

Today, I’m back at it. I worked out. I’m tracking. I’m drinking water. I’m being good (except for the sushi I had for lunch. OH MY GOD, so worth it.)

And I’m taking my victories where I can find them.

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  1. “Home of the weight you lost”. Seriously, you know I have a high bar for LOL-ing. But I did, ushering spittle onto my laptop.

    Congrats on the victory! I have been weighing myself every day as well, and I gained two pounds in a loose moment with a popcorn machine. And a “Tacos To Go” box. And possibly a glass of wine (or three).

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