Back At It


Lately, I have been sadly lacking in inspiration. I took a little stage dive off the weight-loss wagon at Sonic and did some crowd surfing. Turns out there is pizza behind the weight-loss wagon. And donuts. And coffee with flavored creamer.

Oh yeah.

It’s a bitch to get back on with it, you know? I like eating crap. But I found a great pair of jeans, (ON CLEARANCE, BITCHES!) in my next size down, so I think it’s time to get back on it. I’d say it’s been fun, but it really hasn’t. I’m dragging. My temper is short. I have little energy. My stomach is royally pissed at me. So yeah, time to start with the good-for-me stuff again. Good news is, I haven’t gained anything back. I’ve got that going for me. Bad news is, I’ve got a nearly full bottle of peppermint patty flavored creamer. I should totally throw it out.

I’m so not throwing it out.

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