Exercise After Illness


Common wisdom says to rest while sick. I’m really good at doing this, because as I’ve shared before, I’m a wimp when under the weather.

But what about after?

I’m recuperating, feeling pretty good, all things considered. A lingering cough that’s helping me shed the phlegm, but good. Except my appetite is still off. I figured that was why my energy flagged so easily. Yesterday, I made a concerted effort to eat well and on schedule. By 6, I was so tired, I was nearly asleep on my feet. Now, I had been chasing after a 2 year old that morning. So a little weariness was to be expected. But I went to rest my feet for a moment and fell asleep for an hour, missing dinner and bedtime prep. (Conveeeeeeenient, eh?) When I woke up, I felt better, but groggy. A workout seemed like it might clear the cobwebs, so onto the elliptical I jumped.

Surprise of all surprises, 25 minutes were clocked before my body said, “fuck this shit.” ¬†At first, I felt good, but after a shower, nausea threw a party and invited a mild case of the wobbles. Aided by pills, I slept hard, right though my alarm this morning. This morning, my bed sings a siren song. Perhaps the workout was a bad idea. Or was it? Sweating out the bad stuff is supposed to work wonders, but be an unpleasant process.

From what I’ve heard, anyway. I’m in no way claiming I’ve actually attempted such a thing. Wimp, remember?

So my question to you is this: do you exercise while ill? If not, how long do you give yourself to recover?

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