That’s What Friends Are For


At 1:00 this afternoon, I remembered a coffee date I had set up with a friend, for 1:15 at my place.

My place was a disaster. Not an epic disaster, but a little crunchier than I’d want the general public to see. Also, I hadn’t yet showered.

Quit judging me. My lack of personal hygiene is not the point.

I knew a brief moment of panic, before I realized it was Andrea. It was totally okay that my house was a little gross and that I matched it. She would be cool with that. I really, really love having that brand of friend. It’s like the payoff for all my lousy middle and high school years where I had maybe 2-3 real friends and a bunch of people who talked about me behind my back.

I’m fairly certain this is true of everyone’s middle and high school years. The fact that I even had true friends was a giant blessing.

So yes, I have arrived. And you know what’s even better? She didn’t even laugh (much) when I texted her, wondering where she was, then looked again at our previous conversation and realized I had the wrong Wednesday. Now that is a quality friend.

I love my ladies, yo.

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