Goodbye, Cruel Facebook World!


For almost my entire life, I have lived in a Christian household. My parents manifested their faith in a variety of ways and denominations, but we were, from my earliest memories, Christian.

My mother could tell you about the wild life they led before they came to the Lord. I was a baby. Go to her for those stories.

Because of my long relationship with the Lord, I’ve grown somewhat…complacent.

Oh fine, lazy. Uninterested. Faithless.

I’m having a mid-Christian crisis.

In the middle of the crisis of faith, I’ve left off doing some important stuff. One of those things is observing the spiritual side of holidays. I had thought about a Lenten sacrifice, but in true lazy-ass fashion, dithered until Ash Wednesday was upon me. Whoops, missed it this year. Whatever. No doing without wine, chocolate or TV for me! What was the point, really?

And then, I read this. And I knew what the point was. I knew what to give up, because while reading this short post on the meaning of Lent, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

So I logged on to Facebook and committed myself before I could wriggle out of the conviction. I’m pretty much a superhero when it comes to wriggling out of things. I had to rip the bandaid off. Nothing dramatic, just a quick, “I read this, it made me think, I’m giving up Facebook for Lent. See ya after Easter, losers.”

And then forgot to link to the article.

Who’s the loser now?




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  1. I think it’s a good idea to leave Facebook for awhile! I did it when I was diagnosed with cancer, because I had a suspicion that if I stayed on there it would become more about all of them than about me and what I needed to accomplish (e.g. treatments). Turns out I was right. I wasn’t on Facebook for a good 6 months and the day I returned, I had a message about cancer. Yet only a handful of those same people actually took the time to contact me by phone, letter, email, etc. They just wanted the public recognition they would receive by commenting on my profile. Instead I used my blog ( as my outlet and veered away from the FB drama! PS You should join us at 🙂

  2. We used to try and give up something, sacrifice to no meat on Fridays, etc. But I’m not good at remembering those things, and it always felt hallow. Now I have someone who works for me that always gives up bread and beef and chocolate and coffee and who knows what else (not all those things every year, but some conglomeration of them) and whines the entire 40 days. And she is just like so many other people, doing exactly what the article is talking about. It isn’t bringing you closer to the Lord…it’s just making you crankier.

    Another friend recently went with the opposite approach. Instead of giving up, she was going to give more. More of her time with a commitment to read her bible and meditate for a short time every day, something she had always wanted to do but never made the time for. You could look at it as giving something up, because that time has to come from somewhere, but I love that it’s been a made a positive, something she can look forward to, not dread. I think this goes along with what the article is talking about.

    I miss you on Facebook, but I hope that this time does you good. 🙂

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