What I Love


Confession: This post started life as a rant. I lost steam about halfway through, and thought, “fuck this. I’m through letting a random shit head give me angry feelings.” Hear that, random shit head? I hope you have an awesome fucking day. I know I’m going to. Here are some of the things that make me smile:

I really love that the DMV sends me a letter saying, “CONGRATULATIONS! You can renew your license online!” It’s like they’re acknowledging what a huge drag it is to visit them.

I love that I’m not required to attend a conference with Selby’s teacher this term. It’s as if he’s given up on us. As it should be, Mr. C. As it should be.

I love that feeling when all the bills are paid and there is still a little money left over. I also love the times when there isn’t enough money for all the bills and I’m stressing like mad, then I get a nice little extra deposit of child support, via the DA lien on my ex. I’m a terrible person but the fact that he’s being forced to pay what he owes makes me extremely happy.

I love those mornings when I’m awake when my husband leaves and I get an actual goodbye kiss, not just a lovey-dovey text. I like the texts, but nothing, and I mean nothing, beats a kiss.

I love being 40. I also love being 41.

I love the first sip of a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, with a little sugar and a lot of half and half.

I love walking into my garden and seeing nothing but thriving plants, damp soil and a lady bug or four.

I love Target, especially the end caps where they keep all the clearance.

I love a new book full of old friends. I’m a sucker for series.

I love writing the last word of a perfect chapter and knowing, for a brief moment, that I am have a talent.

What do you love?

Also, I hope you too, have an awesome fucking day. The kind that makes a glitter-farting, chocolate-covered unicorn bearing great wine on a silver platter anti-climactic.

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