Someone Didn’t Think This Through


And for once, it wasn’t me! YAY!

Last week, I saw an ad for McDonalds that said “Think with your mouth,” and featured a picture of a Big Mac.

Let’s think about that for a minute. With our brains, just for kicks.

Basically, McDonald’s is admitting that you probably shouldn’t think too hard about their food if you want to eat it. Am I the only one getting that? Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy the occasional Quarter Pounder, with a side of minor indigestion. I’ll even eat a McNugget or two, knowing full well that they start life looking like a neon-colored slurpee. I always regret it. Kate claims that McD tummy ache is internalized guilt. She may be on to something.

I’m not one of those fast food mommy nazis that tell their kids “We don’t eat there because I. LOVE. YOU.” (I know a woman who tells her kids that. Really.) I readily admit to have bought my share of Happy Meals. In fact, Andrea and I have a theory that if you’ve got more than two toys in any particular Happy Meal series, you might be eating there too often. This isn’t about hating on the Golden Arches.

But, this advertising slogan gives me pause. Because let’s face it: if thinking about is going to make me not want to eat it? I don’t want to eat it. And if you’re telling us that as an inducement to eat at your establishment? Well, your cluelessness is first hilarious, then alarming. It’s stuck with me. I’ve chosen not to eat there at least once because it echoes in my  memory.

Think with your mouth.

If I’m really thinking with my mouth, I’m going to wind up at Selland’s or Whole Foods or even Great Harvest.Because that’s where my mouth likes to be.

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