That Thing Where An Uncomfortable Reality Pimp-Slaps You.


My oldest graduated from high school this weekend.

Marinate in that for a while. I sure the hell am.

She’s 18. And she wants to take a road trip to Oregon with a friend.




Holy hell.


I want to say no. I don’t know the girl she’s going with all that well, but what I do know, I’m not wild about. No red flags or anything, she’s just not my favorite. So when Kate asked (she asked, you guys), I said I’d talk to her dad about it.

I REALLY want to say no. She asked. I ought to be able to say uh-uh, no way, jose, not a chance. But I really can’t. Because she’s 18 and graduated. She can afford it. She doesn’t need to ask permission, and she’s going to realize that in a week or two.

I’m going to need another prescription for lorazepam.


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