Grocery Secrets of the Frazzled


I spend 62% more on groceries when my children and/or husband is with me. Where that extra comes from depends on what combination of family is with me.

Just my husband: meat and snack stuff.

My husband and my kids: cereal, snack stuff, frozen foods.

Just my children: liquor and “secret” desserts.

Don’t even pretend you don’t know what are “secret” desserts. The sweet stuff you hide in your cart and when your kids ask about it later, you:

a) feign ignorance,

b) tell them you put it back when they weren’t looking, or

c) pretend you left it the cart because you were too busy yelling at them to get in the effing car and  buckle their g.d. seat belts and oh my hades, quit bickering before I duct tape your mouths shut

Okay. I’m okay. I’m off to the garage to snarf a secret cupcake and drink a beer.



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