Wii Vignettes, Starring My Son


Russ loves his video games. The current favorite is Lego Star Wars III, Clone Wars. Here are some choice bits I’ve overheard recently.


Russ: Oh my gosh. I’m battling a buffalo. I’m battling a buffalo.

5 seconds later

Russ: Mom! Guess what I’m battling?

Me: Um, a buffalo?

Russ: How did you know? Have you been playing my game while I’m at school?

(After his Wii time was over, he gave me a hug and told me it was fine with him if I wanted to play his game while he was at school. He’s such a sweetheart. )


Russ: Thanks a lot, Princess Leia. Geez. Women.


Russ: AWWWWW! In the butt for the win!


Look for this to be a regular feature.

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