This Drinking Binge Proudly Sponsored By Homework


Russ: What does T-U-B-E spell?

Me: Tube.

Russ: No. No. Erase that from our minds. *makes a buzzing noise and winding hand motion* How do you spell T-U-N-E?

Me: Tune.

I didn’t even blink, y’all. Just rolled with it because this is my life and homework time has me beat.the.fuck.down.


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  1. I rejoiced when the oldest finally passed me in mathematical proficiency. Done, done done. Of course, I’m still proofing and giving opinions about college papers, but that’s fun. It’s explaining word problems and spelling out every freaking word they’re writing that sends me searching for the wine bottle.

  2. I laughed so hard at this! I’m glad my kids aren’t the only ones who pull that kind of strangeness. It’s enough to make a woman feel she is losing her mind!

  3. My son still does this crap to me and he’s 20, It doesn’t get old, it just makes your waistline bigger. 😉

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