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Day Two – Whole 30


I’ve still not crumbled into a quivering mass, pleading for a doughnut and coffee with cream. Victory?

Yeah. I’ll take it.




Breakfast today was 2 soft boiled eggs with a half and avocado and a cup of cherry tomatoes. I sprinkled a little kosher salt and some crushed red pepper on it. It was divine. Though I will say, I am officially sick of eggs for breakfast.


Lunch and a recycled photo. Appropriate since I had leftover hamburger salad for lunch. I had to pack a lunch because I took the kids to my mom’s house for a swim. This was my first major test. My mother has a weakness for bread and there is usually 3-4 delicious varieties at her place. There is also a “drawer of awesome” packed full of candy and treats. (She’s a grandma, it’s her gig.) The garage fridge is packed with diet sodas and wine. Dude.

However, I stayed strong and my mom tasted my salad, declaring it so delicious, she thinks she could easily eat just that for 30 days. It’s pretty stinkin’ good. I’m not sure it’s that good, but maybe.



Dinner tonight came courtesy of Nom Nom Paleo, which is a terrific resource if you’re planning a Whole 30. Not all her recipes are Whole 30 compliant, but they usually have a suggestion for a Whole 30 compliant substitute. This is Michelle’s Asian Chicken Thighs and they are phenomenal. Even if you’re not trying for a Paleo or Whole 30 eating plan, they’re worth making. I had to use shallots instead of scallions and unsweetened apple sauce instead of diced apple, but it worked. I also grilled them, because it’s hotter than the ass-end of the sun today and I wasn’t going to heat up my kitchen. My kids and husband all had seconds and raved about it. Definitely a repeater.

Also, excuse the crappy photo – I was starving by the time this got plated. I’ll try to take more attractive pictures of my food. No promises though.

(Unrelated note, isn’t that a pretty tablecloth? I love it!)

So far, so good. I did catch myself eating peas as I fed my niece today. Only 3-4, so not the absolute end of the world, but the mindlessness of the snacking was eye-opening for sure. How much do I put in my mouth with no awareness? Wow. Sort of scary isn’t it?

Is mindless eating something you struggle with? If so, how are you combatting that habit?




Day One – Whole 30


I’m not hating life, which surprises me a little. No bread, no coffee? No problem. The worst has been going without my beloved chipotle Tabasco and Sriracha. I reserve the right to change my answer as the 30 days wears on.

Breakfast: 2/3 of a banana, 2 eggs (fried in coconut oil), 1 chicken apple sausage, 1 cup steam sautéed spinach. It was delicious. I was full for the entire morning.

Lunch: 1 medium yam, baked, 1 tbs of ghee. This was also delicious, but not a great lunch option. I was feeling the lack of protein after a couple of hours. Next time, I’ll have some chicken ready to throw into the mix.

Snack: A Whole 30 no-no, but my lack of lunchtime protein made a snack necessary so I could exercise. Plus, about 4 pm, I started dragging ass. 24 toasted almonds to the rescue.

Dinner: Deconstructed Hamburger Salad from Eat Well, Vol 1. I’m using the Awesome Sauce from Vol. 2 as dressing. Look at me, mixing it up.

I did a little prep today, making ghee, Kick Ass Ketchup (from Eating Well 2) and mayo.



Deconstructed Hamburger Salad, adapted from Well Fed

And yes, I’m fully aware there should be more pictures. I’ll do better tomorrow. Pinkie Promise.

Hello Again



That’s right. I’m hauling my fat ass onto this bandwagon.

It’s not to lose weight though. Sure, I’ll rejoice over dropped pounds. But the real reason for my Whole 30 is simple:

Carpal Tunnel.

I write – a lot – not that you’d know it by what happens here. To be fair, my alter ego has been on a tear lately, writing lots of steamy romance. But it’s come with a cost. My wrist, elbow and now shoulder are always on fire.

My knees almost always hurt. My ankles and achilles tendons too. I have plantar facitis.

In short, I am a fucking mess.

It’s gotten to the point where I can barely function any more. I’ll try anything. I’ve done my research and this seems like it might help. So Art and I are going for it.

Goodbye sugar. Goodbye grains. Goodbye alcohol (I’ll miss you the most). Goodbye dairy.

If you’re reading this and mentally composing your comment, warning me of the dangers of Paleo and how your cousins sister-in-laws daughter Betty Sue went on a Whole 30 and DIED, don’t. Unfollow my blog, because I’ll be talking a lot about Whole 30 and Paleo and what’s working vs. what’s not.

I don’t want the negativity. I don’t care about how stupid you think Paleo is. I need support and positivity.

Lack of alcohol will make me cranky as fuck.

On the other hand, if you’ve completed a Whole 30 or are in the midst of one, I’d love to hear your experience. I’d love to commiserate with you. I’d also love to know I’m not the last person on earth to jump on the fad. Even though I probably am.

Here’s to being able to walk without crying.