Day One – Whole 30


I’m not hating life, which surprises me a little. No bread, no coffee? No problem. The worst has been going without my beloved chipotle Tabasco and Sriracha. I reserve the right to change my answer as the 30 days wears on.

Breakfast: 2/3 of a banana, 2 eggs (fried in coconut oil), 1 chicken apple sausage, 1 cup steam sautéed spinach. It was delicious. I was full for the entire morning.

Lunch: 1 medium yam, baked, 1 tbs of ghee. This was also delicious, but not a great lunch option. I was feeling the lack of protein after a couple of hours. Next time, I’ll have some chicken ready to throw into the mix.

Snack: A Whole 30 no-no, but my lack of lunchtime protein made a snack necessary so I could exercise. Plus, about 4 pm, I started dragging ass. 24 toasted almonds to the rescue.

Dinner: Deconstructed Hamburger Salad from Eat Well, Vol 1. I’m using the Awesome Sauce from Vol. 2 as dressing. Look at me, mixing it up.

I did a little prep today, making ghee, Kick Ass Ketchup (from Eating Well 2) and mayo.



Deconstructed Hamburger Salad, adapted from Well Fed

And yes, I’m fully aware there should be more pictures. I’ll do better tomorrow. Pinkie Promise.

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      • Interesting. I’m excited to hear more about this journey in a few weeks and see how it’s making you feel overall. Off to read about it…..

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