Day Three – Whole 30 & Musings on Motivation


Motivation is a funny thing. It shifts and slides and morphs and ebbs. The force of it can shape our lives in beautiful and twisted ways. This morning, a lack of caffeine was my motivator. Dear lord, was I ever jonesing for a cup. But I’m picky about my coffee. For me, the mouth feel and flavor is as important as the caffeine hit. I like it creamy and sweet, which poses a problem on this no sugar, no dairy adventure I’ve started. A while back (pre-Whole 30), I tried blending coconut oil into my coffee, instead of cream. While it wasn’t a dead ringer for a cup of black goodness with half & half and sugar, it was good. As an added bonus, I didn’t have to sprint to the bathroom after finishing my cup.

My bowels, they hate coffee something fierce. They get little say in the matter though.

It suddenly occurs to me that this might be too much information. Oh well.

And so, I became motivated to try another alteration. No sugar or alternative sweeteners? Okay. Dried fruits are allowed on a Whole 30, and dates are very sweet. So I soaked a couple in a freshly brewed cup of joe at the bottom of my Vitamix. I added some coconut oil and a little coconut milk. I whirled until no chunks were discernible. I poured, salivating at the idea of a creamy cup of coffee with sweet caramel flavor.

Few things in recent memory have disappointed me more. It was not noticeably sweet. It tasted like coffee with a bit of cream in it. But I’m motivated. I powered down that cup of bitch and let the sweet caffeine motivate me further. I can do this thing. I’m not even in countdown mode yet.

Onto the meals. Yay! More crappy pictures!

Breakfast. I’m going to be honest, I need a break from eggs. Last night, I was desperately searching for something else. This was what I settled on. Pumpkin Breakfast Pudding from Preppy Paleo. The recipe needs massive tweaking. She didn’t specify what size her can of pumpkin was. I used ghee to grease the pan. I added an egg, because I wanted something resembling pie filling. I didn’t cook it on the stove top first and baked it for twice as long as she recommended. It was a big bowl of meh pudding. I’ll continue to tweak it. Another egg, I’ll add the stovetop step and throw in some raisins.


Lunch was my own creation. 1/4 head of cabbage, sliced shallots and shredded carrots sautéed in ghee and a dash of apple cider vinegar, then sliced mushrooms and chicken apple sausage. The picture shows two servings. IMG_0930

Dinner came from Nom Nom Paleo again. Sweet potato hash with a fried egg (WHA? Weren’t eggs and I on a break?) and a sprinkle of paprika. It was delicious! I threw in leftover turkey for the kids, because they’re not fried egg fans. When I served it, I fully expected our standard refusal for food we don’t enjoy, “It’s good, Mom, just not to my taste.” BUT! All three kids loved it and the eight-year-old even asked for some to be saved for his breakfast tomorrow! My size zero teenager asked for seconds. Whoa. That was handy since I forgot to take a picture of my dinner.


So far, so good. I’m waiting for the major cravings or headaches or general lunacy to start. But I feel good. My energy is flagging a bit, but I’m new to this and still figuring out how to plan my meals for optimum performance. It’s super hot here, so that may have something to do with my lethargy as well.

Excuses, excuses.

The good news is, I’m totally not feeling like I’d run over a nun to get a glass of wine.

Really, I’m not!

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