Day Four – Whole 30


Today brought the first inklings of  why the hell did I sign on for this? Not crazy-making, but there nonetheless. I’m a little tired of cooking three meals every day, which tells me I need to do some planning and cooking this weekend, so dinners are a little easier. Melissa Joulwan, author of Well Fed, recommends “hot plates,” pre-cooked proteins and vegetables that you simply reheat and doctor with one of her delicious sauces. It requires some major prep though and I haven’t had time this week.

Plus, I just really want something sweet. I’m craving baked goods: a doughnut, maybe a Danish. And a cup of coffee.

But no. I’m staying strong. This is working. I’m going back to re-read It All Starts With Food and get some of my mojo back. I’ve been talking to my mom about what I’m doing and she’s decided she wants to do it with me. She also wants to buy all the groceries and have me do the cooking. Which isn’t such a bad deal, really. Who knows? Maybe my calling is to become a personal chef, delivering meals to those doing a Whole 30. I promise to hire a photographer for my menus, should that pipe dream ever come to pass.

Breakfast: God-awful. The food and the photo.


This was Stupid Easy Paleo’s Blueberry Tortilla. I do not recommend. It’s not even worth tweaking. This was a leap of faith, but I landed on my ass with this one. The best part of the dish was the cooked blueberries, but they weren’t worth cinnamon-flavored eggs. Blech. It may have had something to do with my wavering will-power. Which is totally not an excuse for my lack of perseverance. It was so bad, I could make a case to blame natural disaster on this recipe. This is not a dig at Stupid Easy Paleo. There are a lot of great looking recipes on the site that I can’t wait to try. This one was a fail and probably due to my personal taste.



Lunch: Chicken with peaches, basil and pecans. This made up for the breakfast disaster. Peaches and fresh basil are a lovely warm weather combination. The chicken was boiled yesterday and refrigerated. Light and refreshing, it was a great lunch. It didn’t have a ton of staying power, probably because of the low fat content, but a half an avocado would fix that.



Dinner: Chicken salad on romaine leaves. More of that cooked chicken, this time mixed with 1/2 cup of homemade mayonnaise, a diced Gala apple, a handful of halved grapes, some craisins and pecans. It was delicious. I could easily eat this for days straight. Which is good, because I have half the batch in my fridge.

There was a lot of fruit today and precious little veg. Hmmm. Obviously my sugar cravings have taken over. Not good. I’ll try to correct that tomorrow.

We’re having dinner at a friends house tomorrow. I’ve already let her know I’ll be bringing my own food and bless her, she’s fine with that. I’m saying a prayer for my will power to come back. I’m going to need it. Saturday morning means pancakes in my house. Luckily, my husband is designated pancake chef. I’m going to stay in bed, writing and planning my meals for the next week. Win-win? I think so.




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