Day Five – Whole 30


I know you guys are going to be devastated, but there are no pictures today. My phone has a cracked face and a broken butt, so it went to the phone hospital to get fixed. Yay for no glass splinters in my fingers!

I know, I know… But Jen, we live for your crappy pictures! What are we going to mock now?!?

Check YouTube. There’s tons of mockable material there. Tons.

Today, my mojo returned. It was easier. Even as we screamed out of the house to get somewhere on time (fail, btw), I found time to grab a lunch and a water bottle. AND THEN THIS HAPPENED.

I was in Bitchy McNaggy mode, being sort of nasty to my husband because I was freakin’ frustrated that two adults couldn’t get themselves and three kids out of the house on time. I mention how it irritates me that we knew this was happening and yet none of our children had been fed lunch. (Yes, pity him. I was also railing at myself. But really, how hard is it?) Sick of my crappy attitude, he decided to feed everyone lunch and pulls into…In N’ Out. Argh. Okay, I deserve this. I was being bratty. This is my punishment. Sitting in a car, smelling the fabulous aroma of food I can’t eat, even doling it out to my children unable to sneak a fry.

But I did it. And it didn’t hurt at all. I didn’t even lick the smear of sauce off my hand. I wiped it off with a napkin, like a virtuous little Paleo-ite. No need to applaud, I’m still applauding myself.

Breakfast: Pumpkin breakfast pudding (leftover from day 3 – it makes a 9×13 pan and I froze the remainder in individual servings.) I had blueberries and pecans over the top.

Lunch: A chicken and apple sausage, carrots and snow peas with Sunshine Sauce from Well Fed. The sauce was tangy, creamy and spicy – really delicious.

Dinner: Chicken salad in romaine leaves. Again. Still not sick of it. Making more tomorrow.

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