Days Seven & Eight – Whole 30


Oof. Today has been hard. I feel restless, hungry, bored with my options. This is typically where I ditch any program I’m on and go back to my old ways.

So far, I haven’t, but my children just made popcorn for a snack and it smells delicious. I want to fall face first in the bowl and devour it all.

Yesterday was easier. Hopefully tomorrow will bring some mojo with it.

Breakfast: Chicken sausage, roasted veggies and spinach. I used the left over veggies from Day Six. It was delicious. I will be grilling more veggies very soon.

Lunch: The last of my chicken salad, hastily eaten while feeding a baby. Still yummy, but not very satisfying – probably because I was so distracted.

Dinner: Nom Nom Paleo’s crockpot roast chicken, mashed cauliflower and steamed broccoli. So, so good.

Today –

Breakfast: Chicken apple sausage with steam sautéed spinach.

Lunch: Last night’s dinner also made a delicious, light gravy from cooked onions and chicken drippings. It makes a LOT, so I took some of the leftover, thinned it with chicken stock, threw in some leftover chicken and steamed carrots and made a soup. It was pretty dang good and perfect for a rainy, cool afternoon. (Never mind that it is AUGUST and has no business raining!)


Drumroll please




Shrimp Salad with Cumin Lime Dressing. I got the dressing recipe from the Well Fed cookbook. It was delicious.

Let me share something with you guys for a moment. Gather ’round.

We decided to go buy bike helmets for the kids. At 7:30. Because sure, when you’ve already had a long day and are tired and just tracking done, why not try on a million helmets? It’s a great time to listen to complaints about that one being to big and that one looks dorky and that one feels “like an alien laid an egg on my head.” My children are fucking exhausting and I would do serious harm to some innocent soul for a glass of wine. But as weak as I felt, I soldiered on. And when they asked for a treat, I stayed in the car and played on my newly fixed phone while their father bought them ice cream. I know myself. I would have caved.

I’m so proud of me right now.


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