Whole 30 – So Far


No, I didn’t fall off the wagon. It’s been a busy few days and my blogging has suffered for it. I’m up to day ELEVEN and still going strong. Not quite halfway through.

I’ve made some discoveries. Chief among them: I am a sugar fiend. Of course, I’ve not been eating added sugar at all, but a few days ago, I noticed how much fruit I was eating, particularly dried figs. Oye. While fruit is allowed on a whole 30, you’re cautioned not to go overboard.

Someone toss me a lifejacket. I eat several servings of fruit a day, which means a lot of sugar. This might be why my energy is so low at the end of the day. Of course, that could also be attributed to keeping us with a very active little baby as well! I’ve decided to limit my fruit to one serving a day, and I’m going to try to keep it at lunch. My control is a lot better if I postpone the treat.

Another problem: not enough veggies. A couple of times, my breakfasts have been all protein. (Carnitas topped by a fried egg, anyone?) 1-2 palm sized portions of protein is plenty. I’ve never gone over that, but I need to be eating more veggies with that! I’ll be tossing a big basket of chopped veg on the grill tomorrow. Having it prepped and ready seems to help. I blanched a big bag of fresh broccoli florets, steam sautéed several cups worth of carrot slices, and got some salad mix thrown together. Planning and prep seems to be the key to success.

I almost bought a bottle of Prosecco for Day 31. Then I realized I might not even want it when the day came. The desire for a glass of wine has diminished so much, I barely think about it. Of course, I do catch myself trying to plan for what I’ll eat once this is over but I’ve come to realize that’s defeating the purpose. Yes, I might succumb and snarf a doughnut. Or a taco. But even if I do, it’s okay. I have a feeling I’ll be eating Paleo a lot more often than not. Especially if I keep improving the way I feel.

And finally: a victorious day: I not only made pancakes for the kids (nary a lick of batter for mom), but made it through a family dinner at my mom’s house. They were having my favorite pizza, but I was content eating my salad and buffalo shrimp with homemade paleo ranch dressing. It was delicious.

I may make it through this thing yet!

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