Day Seventeen – Whole 30


I’m starting to see real benefits. My energy level has evened out. My appetite is at a reasonable level, for the first time in memory. My skin is looking great. The joints aren’t aching, even after walking the kids to school.

It’s still a struggle to manage the sugar cravings, but I’m getting better at it. Progress where we can take it, people.

And I lost 11.5 pounds. Ssshhhh. This really isn’t about weight loss and I’m not supposed to be weighing myself. I “forgot” to tell Art to hide the scale. Don’t report me to Whole9, okay?

Also, I broke down and bought a spiralizer. It’s a nifty little gadget. So far, I’ve used it on zucchini, carrots and cucumbers. It’s so much fun! My kids like cucumbers anyway, but they were absolutely delighted with the cucumber “pasta” salad.

Day 15 Breakfast – Scrambled eggs with spinach and fried proscuitto. I love this.

Day 15 Lunch – Leftover roast with salad.

Day 15 Dinner – Salad bar veggies with cooked chicken and homemade ranch that I smuggled in. Fun fact: less than 50% of Chuck E. Cheese’s salad bar is Whole 30 compliant. No worries though. I had a great salad with iceberg, romain, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, hard boiled eggs, green peppers and red onions. Thank goodness they have crap pizza (though it smelled fantastic) or I would have been way more tempted. Every time I wanted to grab a piece, I went and played skeeball. Let’s just say I won a lot of tickets. 😉

Yesterday’s Breakfast – leftover zoodles with paleo meat sauce and a chunk of leftover roast . I’m not linking to the meat sauce recipe because it was disappointing.

Yesterday’s Lunch – chopped carrots, snow peas and cooked chicken with homemade ranch dressing.

Yesterday’s Dinner –  GetAttachment.aspx

Grilled chicken breast and cucumber “noodles” with chopped pepper and ranch dressing. It was delicious.



 And now for today:

Breakfast – IMG_0956

Almond Butter and Sliced Bananas. This is going to become a favorite, I can tell. I made the almond butter by whirling some toasted almonds in my Vitamix with a dab of coconut oil.

Lunch – 


Leftover cucumber salad and shrimp sautéed in ghee, garlic and lemon.

Dinner – IMG_0961

A half a chopped salad kit (veg only), leftover grilled chicken from last night and awesome sauce for dressing.

Next goal is to start making time to exercise. I’ve been very unmotivated to start up again, even though I have more energy. Also on the list: learning to take better pics with my iPhone!


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