Day Eighteen – Whole 30


Today was a true test. My mom, aunt and I all helped my grandmother unpack her boxes after a recent move. I had a steady flow of energy, worked hard all day and have very little soreness. Mostly, it’s just muscle fatigue. I feel pleasantly tired, like I had a great workout.

A month ago, I’d be in bed with an icepack, 4 advil pms and a glass of wine.

This tells me it’s working. I’m not resisting temptation for bragging rights. What an empowering feeling! The struggle and feelings of food envy have been worth something, beyond blog fodder and the occasional, semi-amusing Facebook post! YAY!




2 very broken fried eggs, herbed salad mix with homemade ranch and broiled tomatoes.

Lunch: No picture. A salad bowl from Chipotle with romaine lettuce, carnitas and avocado. NO DRESSING. I’m glad this is worth it, because I love Chipotle’s salad dressing.

Dinner: IMG_0965

Cabbage and chicken apple sausage, sautéd in ghee. I’m also having a cup of cubed cantaloupe. Because I worked hard and turned down the best chicken salad sandwich in the greater Sac area AND a glass of wine.

Still. Worth. It.

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