The Cruelest Month


I’m 30 pounds down.



Oh my gosh.

As great as it feels, it has not been a completely bump free. This last month, I’ve had a run of viruses that would not quit. A cold turned into strep throat, which turned into bronchitis, which faded back into a head cold. I’ve lost a month of training on my c25k. Worse, when I was at my sickest, meat and veggies weren’t possible. I got sick of broth. Pudding, jello and sorbet were my best friends. Then, I found that a bean burrito from Taco Bell was the ideal food for step throat. Filling and soft, it became the mainstay for 2 days.


My eating continued to suffer as I recuperated. I felt shitty. I deserved what sounded good, right?

And then, Halloween.

Fucking Halloween.

October was a cruel month, you guys. The good news is, I didn’t lose that much ground. 3 pounds, mostly because I’ve been too sick to work out. Oh, and eating carbs like a champ, but that’s over.


I swear.

My knees are wonky again, my energy level is in the toilet and I feel the need to nap almost every day. No bueno. If anything, I’m even more firmly convinced that my Paleo eating is absolutely right for me. So back I return, to my lean protein and delicious plant matter. Kale, I’ll never leave you again. Never shall we part, grass-fed beef. Honey, you’re the only sweet I need.

Get behind me, Satan…I mean candy.

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