Monthly Archives: December 2014

It’s All About Perspective


I know, I’ve been a neglectful blogger. My apologies, chickens.

Let’s blame NaNoWriMo, shall we?

I recently had a bit of a weight loss crisis. I hit the 35 pounds lost mark and despair settled in hard.

Because when you have a LOT of weight to lose, 35 pounds feels like a drop in the bucket. I think it’s the Biggest Loser phenomenon. We get used to seeing accelerated weight loss and the regular pace seems sllllloooooowwwww.

But it’s not. And 35 fucking pounds is NOT a drop in the bucket. Its huge. I just needed a perspective change.

When I started, I weight 260 pounds. (OOF) My goal was 130 pounds lost. HALF MY WEIGHT, Y’ALL. The equivalent of another person. Whoa.

And yes, I have a long way to go yet, but now it’s less than 100 pounds to lose. Which is epic. I’m a quarter of the way there. Also, I’ve lost 2 pant sizes. I’m wearing the smallest pair of jeans I currently own. Another 10-15 pounds and I’m going to need to buy pants in a size that does no start with a 2.

Oh my hades.

And I started in August, which was a scant 4 1/2 months ago.

So fuck off, Despair. I’m pretty much kicking ass.